3 Reasons Why Brochures Are Still Important For Selling Products And Services Despite Digitalisation

No one can deny the importance of digital marketing. The market has become tougher, including the abilty to grab customers’ attention, which is why in such a case, marketing brochures turn out to be the best marketing tool.


First of all even if your business is mainly online, you are still marketing your online business everywhere you go. If you are not, then you should! This all goes back to the fact that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BRAND, and once you have your brand ready, then you should be proudly showing it off to everyone you know.

Let’s take a simple example. Normally you share business cards with a person you meet. Additionally you can present your brochure, which is a visual representation of your products / services with some key text, such a slogan, and short description of what you offer. This way the person you meet sees immediately what  you stand for, gives credibility to your business, and you might go home with a new sales.


Even if you have a business online, you might also have an offline business, a store or an office where you run your business. In this case it’s useful to have brochures to put on a stand to have it avaialable for your customers even if they are just reading it in the waiting room. Additionally you can arrange for collaboration with other stores and coffee shops nearby, as they might also be able to showcase your brochure. This way you become visible to their customers, too.

According to statistics by Bentley University:

7 out of 10 customers/tourists tend to pick up brochures

95% visitors that obtain brochures become aware of a business

80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures

These stats clearly show that brochures are nothing less than a novelty in today’s paperless world.


It can also be useful to have a digital PDF version of your brochure, so you can send it to potential customers or partners. You can then send it to them through email as well as uploading it to your website, so your customers can go to your website, download or print your brochure and have it with them in a physical form, if they for example want to take it with them somewhere, or show it to a friend.

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