3 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Online Business

Setting up the online part of your business could be a daunting experience. In fact most people experience it as the most challenging part of setting up their business…but before you get way too worried, let me tell you…

Relax, we’ve got your back 🙂 


Enough said…let’s get down to business. We recognise 3 steps, which we follow when it comes to supporting you with kick-starting your business online.

1. Ready-To-Go Website, Or Webshop

Choose from one of our website services, or carefully pre-designed website package options, which is most suitable to your needs and we personalise it for you. All websites we offer are responsive.

2. Branding and Content, Including Digital Product

We present you with a thorough branding, that reflects your corporate identity. This “identity” will be applied to your whole concept, so it will present a feeling of completeness for your customers.

We live in a digitalised world, in which most online entrepreneurs offer digital products for their customers. We help you with creating a digital presence and your digital product.

3. Online Marketing Automation & Online Solutions

Nowadays a website is only 50% of what you need to kick-start, manage and grow your business. We set up the type of online marketing strategy and campaign, that is most suitable for your needs. We also offer other online solutions, such as online course platform, and so on.


There is one promise our team can certainly make:

We make this process as easy, quick and enjoyable for you as “humanly” possible.


Our goal is to support you in this process of setting up your online business, so you still get to enjoy both your freetime and most importantly you’ll be able to focus on your own job. Frankly you are most likely not a web designer and not an online marketing guru, we cover that part for you. You can focus on consultancy, coaching, blogging, influencing, teaching, accounting, or whatever your profession is.

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