Setting Up & Running A Webshop Like A PRO

Most of the time it’s fun (70%) running a webshop, other times it’s hard (20%), and sometimes even boring (10%). This is true when you do everything yourself. A webshop is basically your shop online. It requires time, energy and skills to run.

70% – What’s fun?

Creating stuff

Getting amazing feedback on your products

Meeting new people

Going to events

Thinking up new products

Sell a lot of products through automated sytems

Seeing money pile up in your bank account

20% – What’s hard?

Having to learn new technology, running website itself, and so on.

Having to learn new programming languages

Finding supplies when your supplier no longer carries what you use

10% – What’s boring?

Data entry


How can you solve the 20% difficult part and avoid the 10% boring part? 


This is when you can spend years with learning new website coding skills, online marketing tricks, and alike. Alternatively you can contact a trusted service provider to cover the 30% you can’t or don’t want to do. In fact we offer these type of services and we even set up packages to cover your growing needs when it comes to kick-starting, managing and growing your website business. This way we ensure you don’t spend more than you need in the beginning. Take a look at our:


alternatively you can discuss your specific need with one of our in-house specialists: